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Current Lobster Prices * 

1 1/4lb Hardshell Lobsters - $15.99/lb

1 1/2lb  Hardshell Lobsters - $16.99/lb

2lb Hardshell Lobsters - $19.99/lb

3-5lb  Hardshell Lobsters - $18.99/lb

6lb and up Jumbo Lobsters - $17.99/lb


 *Prices were current as of 02/23/2023 but are not guaranteed.

Rarely prices in store may vary due to website problems

Please call the number below to verify current price.



Call (413) 773-1100 to order

cooked lobsters or inquire about

available quantities. Minimum of

2 hours advance notice required

for cooked lobsters. Could be

longer depending on number of

orders ahead of you. Please call

ahead to ensure that we will be

able to cook your order!